Ray Mileur's debut novel, "The Gateway to Hell" is now available

                              Introducing St. Louis' Most Wanted Private Investigator

Mike Shannon, the St. Louis’ private investigator
who has made a career out of solving the cases 
the police couldn't or wouldn't’ take, has killed 
more men than he cares to remember and it’s 
beginning to take its toll on him. 

Tracking down a runaway should have been an
easy case, that is, until Shannon finds cocaine 
stolen from the police department’s evidence 
room, hidden in the girl’s bedroom. Things gets
complicated when Shannon discovers his 
ex-partner, Detective Steve Holland, is linked to
the runaway and missing drugs. Before Shannon 
can confront his friend, Holland is gunned down, 
execution style, his body dumped on the steps of
City Hall. 

His investigation of the runaway and Holland’s
brutal murder plunges him into a world of police 
corruption and a major international drug 
trafficking scheme, where he comes face to face
with his ex-wife’s new lover, a shadow government 
and “the Sandman”, a rogue CIA hitman, who has
resurfaced from Shannon’s past. 

In all the confusion, Shannon is sure of one thing, 
he’s not done killing yet.


"If you like action, if you like tough detectives fighting their way out of tough situations, you’re going to love Mike Shannon and The Gateway to Hell."    Pacific Book Review

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By Ana R.  (West Hollywood, CA) -  The Gateway to Hell: A Mike Shannon Novel - 5 STARS

STUNNING DEBUT NOVEL - Every now and then, I come across an author with such a stunning debut novel that it renews my love of reading... The Gateway to Hell by Ray Mileur is one such novel. Mileur crafts a story in such a way that it's hard to believe this is his first novel. Gritty and realistic, the world of Mike Shannon, PI, is a roller coaster ride into the seedy underbelly of the city and the shadowy lives of those who inhabit it. Mileur writes with the requisite hardboiled edge of detective fiction, but his gift of storytelling is what makes this novel shine. My highest recommendation.

By Brian G. - The Gateway to Hell - A Mike Shannon Novel - Superb Detective Novel - 5 STARS

Great read in the best traditions of an troubled hero facing a darkness darker than himself, but without stepping into the footprints of the flatfoot stereotypes. As the layers unpeel, a kidnapping that would have been fairly simple for private investigator Mike Shannon turns by degrees into a case of police corruption and shadow government agents. And Mike Shannon's past comes back to threaten him.

Author Ray Mileur does a superb job in his character's confrontation with his past, about who Mike Shannon is, was and can be. This a detective novel that even if you're not a fan of the genre will keep you turning the page. As readers we've all had the experience of finding a novel outside our normal reading and having the pleasure of it grabbing you and it becoming just a really good, can't put down book. This is that kind of novel. 

By Norm Geddis "armchairexpert" (Lake Forest, CA) - The Gateway to Hell: A Mike Shannon Novel 

5.0 out of 5 stars Not One To Put Down Easily - I loved Ray Mileur's character. He's human. He's confused about his past, and his past comes back in what is a big way. He is a former sniper who has to go up against someone he has trained himself. The missing girl and the mob elements aren't cliched in this novel. The twists of corruption within crime and government are probably all too true. This is a novel that is real and gritty. I love detective fiction. I love finding a great new read the best. That was my experience with this book. This is also for people who aren't necessarily fans of detective fiction. 

By Capri Cooker - The Gateway to Hell: A Mike Shannon Novel - 5 STARS

I don't usually give reviews on a book I've read, whether good or bad, but when I read this book I just had to let people know how truly good this book is. Ray Mileur has created a true-crime novel that has all the makings of success: mob bosses, a missing runaway girl, corrupt police officers, the CIA and a haggard private investigator as the protagonist. The author put all those pieces together to create this intricate world of intrigue, mystery and emotion that had my nosed pressed to the pages, fervently reading the pages and wondering what was coming next. "The Gateway to Hell" is a promising start to Ray Mileur's writing career and I am looking forward to seeing what he releases next. One thing for sure is that I will be there among the throng of fans when his second book comes out.

By Brandon Connell (Chicago, IL.) - The Gateway To Hell: A Mike Shannon Novel - 5 STARS

Mike Shannon is like the Dr. House of detectives. I really enjoyed the writing style of Ray Mileur, because The Gateway To Hell is a real page turner. Just don't start reading it before bed because you won't want to put it down. When Mike gets somewhere with the case, something comes in to mess it up and deepen the mystery. 

By Rea - The Gateway to Hell: A Mike Shannon Novel - 5 STARS

Ray Mileur has totally hit it with this action packed book! - Gangster bosses, drug dealers, a missing girl, corrupt police, the CIA, they all play their part, and Mike Shannon plays the star part. He is an ex-cop, now PI, and while the story unfolds its many layers and you are sucked deeper and deeper into Shannon's life, you get to know him and his way of doing things. 

The writing in this book is excellent, the characters come to life and you fear and hope with them, suffer for their mistakes and failures. So well imagined and so well written, I enjoyed it from beginning to end! 

By Wendy Davis - The Gateway to Hell: A Mike Shannon Novel - 5 STARS

Mike Shannon has done it all. He was a Marine, a CIA agent and a St. Lois Police officer. After all this he has decided to go into business for himself as a Private Investigator. He is just coming off a case in South America where he saved the Colombian Ambassadors daughter from a drug cartel. When he gets back he finds out someone has leaked his name to the press and his face is all over the news. Then he finds out the drug cartel has put a million dollar hit on his head.

He decides to take on the case of a missing teen and things start to get crazy. His ex partner is found dead and it's made to looks like he was a dirty cop. So now Mike has to try to stay alive long enough to find the missing girl, prove his partner was a good man and find out who set him up.

I really loved this book! The main character is great and would love to see more books with him in them. It's full of action, mystery, suspense and everything else that makes a book good. I would definitely recommend this! 

By Jake Burkett - The Gateway to Hell: A Mike Shannon Novel - AMAZING  5 STARS

This book was amazing! I haven't read a really good crime novel in a long time and 'Gateway to Hell' surpassed my expectations. Considering this is the author's first book, I am really excited to see what he writes next in the Mike Shannon series. the plotline could have been boring as it's a well used theme with a world weary PI up against insurmountable odds, but Ray Mileur got my attention from the very beginning and he hasn't let go even now after I have gobbled up every word in the book. I am stoked to see what happens to Mike Shannon in the next book in the series, what next mystery he is going to solve and how it's going to draw me in. I am really impressed by this book and am very eager to see what the author comes up with for his second book. 

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Why buy this book?

"Ray Mileur does a great job of bringing
Shannon to life and overcoming the tired plotline of the hard-boiled detective
almost single-handely taking on all the bad guys.  Mike Shannon rises above the cliches and caricatures, keeping you locked into the story.

If you like action, if you like tough detectives fighting their way out of tough situations, you're going to love Mike Shannon and The Gateway to Hell"

- Pacific Book Review

"Mike Shannon is a wonderful protagonist - a complicated man for whom readers root, even though he has obvious flaws that have led him to a difficult romantic situation. This is a high-stakes novel full of scenes of quick dialogue, which helps keep the tension high. A compelling story.  Mike Shannon can easily carry several novels."

 - iUniverse Editorial Staff


... Mike Shannon is the Dr. House of Detectives

... New favorite author to add to my
Patterson, Parker & Cussler books

... You'll fall in love with Mike Shannon.

... Couldn't put it down.

... Gateway to Amazing!

... A great ride!

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