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About Ray Mileur cont.


Senior Private Investigative Consultant
      Mid-West Protective Service, Inc.  St. Louis, MO
      Cannon, Mileur & Patton, St. Peters, MO
      Primesource, Las Vegas, NV

City of Johnston City, Illinois
      Director of Public Safety & Chief of Police

Sheriff Department, Williamson County Illinois
      Sergeant Auxiliary Division
      Court Security Officer

Mileur Media Group, Inc.
      President & CEO

United States Marine Corps
      Commander 40-man Security Reactionary Force
      Investigator, Judge Advocate General (JAG)

United States Army
      Operations Sergeant - Police Training Battalion
      Anti-Terrorism Officer
      Physical Security Officer

City of Murphysboro, Illinois
      Auxiliary Police Officer / City Councilman

Federal Bureau of Investigation
      Fingerprint Technician

Sheriff Department, Jackson County Illinois
      Deputy Sheriff

Training & Education

Bachelor Degree,  Master’s Divinity

International Foundation for Protection Officers
      Certified Protection Officer   D7829

Thomson Education Direct – Private Investigations

PCDI – Professional Private Investigator Program

John A. Logan College
      Private Investigator Course
      Firearms Training for Security Officers

United States  Army Anti-Terrorism Officer (Level II)

USMC Barracks Duty Security Training, Moutain Climbing & SEARS School

U.S. Army Physical Security Officer Program

JCCC Public Safety Training Center
      Death/Homicide Investigations

Southern Illinois Criminal Justice Training Program
     Advanced Supervision for Command Officers
     40-hours Mandatory Firearms Training
     PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification
     PPCT Defensive Tactics Basic Course
     Reid Technique of Interviewing & Interrogation
     Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Projectors

Backup Training Corporation;
      Field Training Officer
      Patrol Response to Active Shooter
      Tactical Lifesaver
      Clandestine Meth Labs

United States Fire Administration  
      Emergency Management Institute
      National Incident Management System (NIMS)
      Emergency Planning
      Emergency Program Manager
      Community Response Team
      Role of the Operations Center
      Anticipating Hazardous Weather & Community Risk

National Association of Investigative Specialists
      Homicide Investigations
      Investigation of Death
      Executive Protection
      Accident Reconstruction

Federal Bureau of Investigation
      Science of Fingerprints

St. Louis City Police Department
      Security Officer Training

MidWest Protective Services
      20-Hour Basic Training  (IL Section 27)

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